Coping with aging by San Diego Psychologist Dr. Kathleen Durning

A 76-year-old woman was asked, why are you seeking therapy at your age?  She answered, "Doctor, all I've got left is my future!"*

A vital old age means staying interested and involved in life and in other people.

A good old age demands "ego transcendence," a capacity for concern about events not directly related to your self-interest, and a capacity to invest yourself in tomorrow's world.* 

Therapy helps you to accept your past life and find meaning and value in it, and then to become liberated from it. Therapy can help you as you age to retrieve a sense of self-worth, forgive others (and yourself), and find new adaptations when old age has rendered your past adaptations unworkable.  Inevitable losses can be  mourned, but also experienced as the opening of new doors.

* from the book Necessary Losses

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